An Industry Insider Reveals Why Dramas Often Cast Idols Despite The Negative Public Opinion

Ever wondered why?

Many idols take on the challenge of diving into the acting industry, and an industry insider once revealed why dramas often cast idols despite common reviews of bad acting. The article is gaining traction once again, despite almost a decade passing.

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According to the article, idols often ask for a much lower appearance fee compared to actors. While actors may ask for anywhere between ₩50 million KRW (~$37,300 USD) to twice that amount per episode, depending on fame, idols often only ask for a tenth of that amount. The industry insider revealed that most idols don’t go over ₩5 million KRW (~$3,730 USD) per episode—no matter how famous they are.

This image is for illustrative purposes and unrelated to the article. | tvN

The article also pointed out that even nameless rookie actors would ask for around ₩7 million (~$5,200 USD), or more if they had some recognition. From a practical point, many directors prefer to cast idols in low-budget dramas or for roles that do not require that many lines.

The general opinion towards idol actors from the public has not been too favorable. While some idols have gotten global recognition as amazing actors, many cases have fallen short. Despite this, many directors still continue to cast idols, not only for their raw talent but also for their fan and face value, or to simply meet lower budgets.

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