INFINITE’s Nam Woohyun Sheds Tears Following His Very First Solo Fan Meeting

The way he changed the lyrics to “When Fall Comes” hit everyone right in the feels.

INFINITE‘s YouTube channel recently shared a behind-the-scenes video of Nam Woohyun‘s first fan meeting as a solo artist, and it hits fans right in the feels.

The footage shows Woohyun showing his excitement for his fans, and he even got his fans excited by calling their fan meeting a “fun date”.

And what he did was just that.

During the intimate fan meeting, Woohyun chatted with fans and even revealed a video he filmed himself in order to get the crowd worked up.

The video also showcases the beautiful sight of the audience and Woohyun giving it his all on stage.

As if that wasn’t enough to touch fans, it was later realized that Woohyun changed the lyrics of “When Fall Comes” to convey how happy he is now.

In the studio version, the lyrics are “the person who will be the happiest“, but for the fan meeting version, Woohyun changed it to “the person who is the happiest“.

After seeing Woohyun shed tears on stage following the heartfelt fan meeting, fans are hoping that Woohyun was, is, and will always be the happiest.

I feel like another tree of memories have been planted in your hearts. I don’t think I’ll ever forget this day.

– Nam Woohyun

Check out the full footage below:


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