INFINITE L’s Brand New Drama Is Turning Him Into a Literal Kitty Cat in Real Life

L is an actual kitty cat now.

INFINITE‘s L is in a brand new drama called Welcome alongside popular actress Shin Ye Eun, and he plays the role of a cat that is capable of transforming into a human being.

Considering his role, it’s no surprise that he’s been acting like a kitty on screen.

But the drama must’ve posed a strong influence on L because it’s slowly turning him into a kitty cat in real life as well.

Soon after the drama aired, L began to sound like a cat on his social media posts.

#Come here, #Hong Jo. This is #Kim Myung Soo. Hong Jo loves bubbles, meow.

– L

#Come here, #Hong Jo. This is #Kim Myung Soo. Hong Jo loves riding the swing, meow.

– L

That’s not all. When he promoted his drama in an interview, his kitty tendencies managed to slip out during his introduction.

Hello, meow! I ask that you shower the drama with lots of love, meow.

– L

Considering how immersed L was in his kitty persona for the drama, Welcome, it’s not all too surprising that the identity transferred over to his real life as well.


And seeing from his sweet interaction with a cat on set, it’s becoming clear that L is truly a kitty cat at heart.

The question of whether or not L will make a full transformation into a kitty cat is yet to be determined, but for now, L’s adorable persona can be checked out on Welcome, which is currently airing on KBS.

Will you be tuning in, meow?

Source: QIY, KBS and @allegria0313