INFINITE’s Sunggyu Reveals If He Still Contacts Hoya After His Departure From The Group

It’s been three years since he left the group.

Having debuted in 2010 and still going strong, INFINITE is one of the few groups that has been together ten years. Although they overcame the seven-year curse, they didn’t get through it without casualties.

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While the rest of the members renewed their contracts with Woollim Entertainment back in 2017, Hoya chose not to and later moved onto a new company to focus on his acting and solo music. Since it’s been three years since then, Inspirits have wondered if the members still stay in contact with each other.

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During Sunggyu‘s live broadcast for his birthday only a few months back, fans used the chance to receive updates on the other members. Because they knew what L had been up to, they wanted to know about someone else as well, “Except Myungsoo, please talk about Howon too.

Laughing at how determined fans were to know, Sunggyu revealed that Hoya did indeed contact him to wish him well on his special day, “Howon contacted me too. He also wished me a happy birthday.

He did the same for Hoya as well, “I also congratulated him on his birthday.” What tugged heartstrings was the fact that they still communicate with each other and were doing just fine, “We contacted. Everyone is doing well.

Since Wooyun had revealed that Hoya had changed his number and hadn’t contacted him a year after he’d departed from the group, it’s positive to hear that they’ve closed that gap.

See Sunggyu answer the question that fans had been wondering for years, beginning at 48:29.