Sunggyu Says Kang Ha Neul Cleaned Ears and Popped Pimples for Fellow Soldiers in the Military

What happens in the military DOESN’T stay in the military.

Infinite‘s Sunggyu recently appeared on MBC’s Radio Star where he exposed Kang Ha Neul‘s true nature.

Sunggyu served in the military with the actor, Kang Ha Neul, and ended up becoming very close friends as a result.

Kang Ha Neul is well-known to be a very considerate and nice person through the media, and Sunggyu wondered if it was all an act until he got to know him as a person.

I actually always wondered if he was just doing all those nice things for show.

– Sunggyu

But as it turned out, Kang Ha Neul’s big heart was even more extreme in person.

He’s the type to take extra good care of others. He cleaned ears for other soldiers. And when they got pimples, he popped it for them.

– Sunggyu

Sunggyu also added that his suspicions were put to rest when he realized how much Kang Ha Neul valued family occasions.

When I saw him making sure he took care of every family occastion, I realized he’s actually the person that is portrayed in the media.

– Sunggyu

Ahead of this reveal, Kang Ha Neul received overwhelming attention for remembering every single one of his staff members’ names and gifting a film staff with an air conditioner after finding out that they didn’t have one.

It’s also been reported that Kang Ha Neul helps out his parents at their noodle restaurant whenever he’s on vacation.

Many would agree that cleaning ears and popping pimples is a bit much, but what’s for certain is that Kang Ha Neul is a sweetheart.

Source: Insight