INFINITE’s Sunggyu Reveals How Dorm Life Made Him Want To Quit Being The Leader

Dongwoo knew exactly what he was referring to.

From INFINITE‘s debut in 2010 until over ten years later, Sunggyu has continued to lead the group through it all. Even so, he admitted why dorm life made him think about setting the leader position aside.

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In response to a question asked by DRIPPIN about the hardest moment of being the leader, Sunggyu couldn’t move on without bringing up how differently INFINITE treated him at their dorm. “When we were living in the dorm, the members didn’t treat me as a leader.

He wanted to stop being the leader altogether and shared the incident that sparked the thought. “‘I want to quit being a leader.’ I used to think that because–

Sunggyu remembered when all the members chose their rooms and left him with one of the smallest ones. “There’s a big room and small rooms. People usually let their leader or older brother use the big room, but Dongwoo took the room.

While Dongwoo burst into laughter, Sungyeol couldn’t even remember. “Did you use the big room?” Sunggyu couldn’t forget, “All by himself!

As if it happened yesterday, Sunggyu recalled the benefits of the spacious room. “His room alone had his own private bathroom and dressing room.

Dongwoo cracked up as he talked about the room having everything he needed. “I didn’t have to leave my room.

Sunggyu didn’t want to be the leader after watching Dongwoo live in luxury. “Seeing all that, I was like, ‘I want to quit being a leader.’

Even though those days are past and they live separately now, Dongwoo apologized. “Oh, sorry.

Despite the group not automatically setting aside the biggest room for Sunggyu, the fact that he didn’t make a big deal out of it or asserted his authority to get it proves how strong of a leader he truly is. See him share the funny memory of why he had to rethink being the leader—for a little while.