INFINITE’s Sunggyu Spills How The Military Made Him Think About Changing His Name

“Whenever I looked up my name, I would notice…”

As his first TV appearance since his discharge from the military, INFINITE‘s Sunggyu graced Radio Star and updated the fans on how he has been doing. Though this particular episode was shot only a week after he completed his duty, Sunggyu seemed to be getting back on track fine!


He did, however, mention that while he was away in the military, he found too many other Sunggyu-s growing more popular in the industry.

It’s kind of embarrassing for me to say this myself, but back in the days, when anyone looked up Sunggyu, I was the main Sunggyu in the search results. But since I’ve been away in the military…

— Sunggyu


This included the new and rising TV personality Jang Sung Kyu and actor Kim Sung Gyu from the recent Netflix hit series Kingdom.

Mr. Jang has become a strong personality. There is also an actor named Kim Sung Gyu who is hot on the rise… And even back at the base, whenever I looked up my name, I would notice that I’ve been pushed behind and it has become difficult to find any news about me.

— Sunggyu


Sunggyu playfully commented that this made him wonder if he should change his name so he would have the attention back and all for himself.

To be honest, it made me feel a little weird. So I’ve been poking fun at myself saying that I should change my name to Jang Sunggyu too.

— Sunggyu


Comedian and show host Kim Gu Ra encouraged Sunggyu to stay confident — as he is, and will always be, the original Sunggyu in K-Pop.

Kim Gu Ra: Don’t be weak!
Sunggyu: I can’t help it, that’s what the military does to you.
Kim Gu Ra: Remember, you’re the original Sunggyu.


Watch the full clip here: