INFINITE’s Sunggyu Was Shook When Called Out On His Age

He wasn’t prepared for the sudden attack.

With INFINITE having ten years under their belt and Sunggyu in his very early thirties, they aren’t as young as they used to be. Even so, they all look just as youthful as they did when they debuted, especially Sunggyu.

The dead giveaway for his age was his mannerisms, which the staff of Latte World hilariously put on blast during their recent meeting for the show.

Having done their research, the staff wanted to confirm that Sunggyu doesn’t use social media often. He didn’t disappoint, explaining how much he didn’t enjoy it, “I don’t use it, either. It’s difficult for me to use.”

Considering they were talking to the man who once made a whole new Twitter account after forgetting the password to his old one, it was no surprise. Unsure of how versed in technology he was, they started off simple, asking if he knew how to download an app. Sunggyu was proud to admit that he could.

With all of the information they’d learned so far, the staff was already convinced Sunggyu was an old man. When he shouted, “I hate it,” to the thought of using his body, that was all it took.

The main staff member that had been talking with Sunggyu said, “You seem… very old.” After processing the sentence, Sunggyu opened his mouth in shock, “What?”

He then laughed along with everyone else, followed by turning away with a smile. They’d caught him completely off guard by the funny jab at his age.

In Inspirits’ hearts, he can be whatever age he wants to be. See his hilarious reaction to it here.