INFINITE’s Sungjong Reveals The Variety Show Moment He Wishes He Could Relive

A negative reaction during the show had a positive outcome.

INFINITE‘s Sungjong was the most recent guest on Sunmi‘s Showterview. The two 2nd-gen idols kept viewers entertained with their hilarious banter and unfiltered behind-the-scenes stories of some of Sungjong’s most iconic career moments.

INFINITE’s Sungjong (left) and Sunmi (right) | @leeseongjongofficialspk/Instagram

On the episode, Sunmi revealed that she’s been an Inspirit since INFINITE’s debut performance of their first title track, “Come Back Again.”

The group started their career strong and developed a lasting reputation for their talent, incredible synchronized dancing, and timeless discography.

It’s been 13 years since INFINITE debuted, and they’ve had countless unforgettable moments over the years.

For their interview, Sunmi and the Showterview team prepared posters of photos representing some of Sungjong’s most iconic moments for the maknae to explain. 

From the famous “lemon candy” meme to gaining the nickname “male Song Hye Kyo” to his involvement in one of Knowing Bros‘ most viral videos, Sungjong didn’t hold back on breaking down the iconic moments.

One of those iconic moments discussed was one Sungjong wishes he could relive, and it was his first variety show appearance on World Changing Quiz Show.

At the time, 2AM‘s Jo Kwon became known as “kkap Kwon,” kkap referring to intentionally acting in an energetic, goofy, and exaggerated way for comedic effect. The trend made him a hit on variety shows, and soon, other idols followed suit.

2AM’s Jo Kwon

Sungjong decided to follow in the footsteps of his industry senior to boost awareness of the newly debuted INFINITE.

He decided to go all in and lay on the table where the show’s hosts were sitting, earning a displeased reaction from one of the show’s main hosts, Kim Gura.

The INFINITE member felt gratitude for Kim Gura’s “contempt,” saying if the legendary MC hadn’t reacted that way, it’s likely the moment would have been edited out.

Sungjong and Sunmi agreed it was a clever tactic, and it worked. The producers approached Sungjong after the show and asked him to make another appearance, proving his efforts paid off.

Check out the article below for more on INFINITE Sungjong’s most iconic moments, including his viral acting debut!

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