2nd-Gen Male K-Pop Idol Confesses To Being Tricked Into Acting, Leading To A Famous Viral Meme

The meme has followed the talented idol for over a decade.

Many K-Pop idols begin their careers hoping to branch out into different creative directions after they debut. Some idols produce for their groups while others help choreograph, and some dream of becoming successful actors.

Recently a second-generation K-Pop idol, INFINITE‘s Sungjong, who had aspirations of becoming an actor, revealed that early in his career he was tricked into his acting debut by his manager, and the result is still remembered to this day.

INFINITE’s Sungjong | @ssongjjong.ifnt/Instagram

INFINITE’s maknae was the most recent Showterview guest, where he caught up with host and fellow 2nd-gen idol, Sunmi.

For their interview, Sunmi and the Showterview team prepared posters of Sungjong’s most iconic memes over the years. The outgoing and honest idol broke down what led to the legendary photos.

INFINITE’s Sungjong (left) and Sunmi (right) | @leeseongjongofficialspk/Instagram

One moment from Sungjong’s career will not soon be forgotten by Inspirits or netizens, and it’s the time he filmed a scene opposite the then-childhood actress Kim Yoo Jung for a children’s program.

In the scene, his character says a line that quickly became famous, “When you have a lot of thoughts, eat lemon candy.”

The line has since been parodied by fellow celebrities, re-created by Sungjong himself, and is almost instantly recognizable to many netizens.

On Showterview, Sungjong revealed what led to his appearance on the children’s show and shared an unexpected story behind the now-viral moment.

It turns out, Sungjong was under the impression that he would be appearing on a variety program that day, not a scripted show.

The manager back then didn’t let us know because we were too busy and were just rookies. I couldn’t read the script until I got there, so I couldn’t memorize the lines beforehand.

— INFINITE’s Sungjong

Sungjong wasn’t set up for success and shared that he still vividly remembers the show staff’s displeased looks on set.

After filming that scene with Kim Yoo Jung, Sungjong revealed they had crossed paths again after his line went viral. When they met, she hilariously shared that her initial feelings had changed about the scene they filmed.

Sungjong has since made his formal acting debut in the 2018 K-Drama, Mysterious Nurse as the main character Woo Hyun Woo.

“Mysterious Nurse” promotional poster.

As for what he wants to do next, Sungjong hopes to have a role in a teen film and has been into watching Taiwanese teen films lately.

Sungjong’s “lemon candy” scene wasn’t the only legendary moment covered on Showterview. Check out more in the article below!

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