INFINITE’s Sungyeol Spills The Full Story On Why He Was So Mad At Sungjong

They finally revealed what happened!

It looks INFINITE’s Sungyeol has finally made an appearance on Sungjong’s show Idol Blossom to reveal why he was so mad before! Previously, Sungyeol posted that he couldn’t sleep for two days because he was so mad.

During the most recent broadcast, Sungyeol shared the story and also posted a photo of his notes in his phone that revealed why he was so angry.

Lee Sungjong only looks for me when he needs me. Last time for Sunggyu’s fan meeting, he asked to go with me because he didn’t have a manager. This time for the concert, he kept asking to go together, and even though I didn’t have a manager either, I decided to go together because he kept asking. 

On the day we were supposed to go, Sungjong came into my house with his shoes on. He said they were new shoes so I didn’t think much of it. But then he said he was lazy to take them off so I was like huh? I thought it was strange.

Afterwards at dinner we promised to drink wine instead of soju. I was the only one that drank wine. He didn’t even drink and just ran away. He didn’t pick up my calls but did Podol? With INSPIRITs. The next day I kept calling him but he didn’t pick up any of them.

I heard him go on radio with Woohyun and saying something like ‘that Hyung needs to get a grip’. I was so mad but he just said ‘are you annoyed”. You’re dead.

Sungjong also posted a photo of them together on his Instagram and revealed that he would continue to make him mad!

King king king with King Sungyeol Hyung. I will continue to make you really mad in the future. I love you king king king.

Looks like Sungjong doesn’t have any intention of stopping! I guess we’ll see how well Sungyeol will take this next time!