Insider Uploads Never-Before-Heard 5-Member TVXQ! Song From 10 Years Ago

After 10 years, fans can now hear this secret TVXQ track.

After ten years, an insider has revealed a secret TVXQ! track that features all five original members.


The ballad, entitled “Farewell ah”, was intended to be part of the soundtrack for the movie Heaven’s Postman.

Former TVXQ! member, and current JYJ member, Jaejoong starred in the 2009 film and contributed to its soundtrack.


If “Farewell” sounds familiar, it’s because Jaejoong recorded a solo version of the same song, entitled “Love”, for the finished Heaven’s Postman soundtrack.

“Farewell ah” and “Love” have different lyrics but the same sweet, melodic sound.


When TVXQ! split in 2010, fans were devasted and hoped that the group would one day reunite. In that sense, “Farewell ah” is a bittersweet dream come true.


Fans are overcome with nostalgia…


…and are eternally grateful to the insider who brought back the treasured memories with “Farewell ah”.


Check out “Farewell ah” here: