This Interaction Between Ong Seong Wu And Fan Will Keep A Smile On Your Face All Day

It’s the sweetest thing you’ll see.

Former Wanna One member turned actor Ong Seong Wu is unbelievably good looking that he could probably stop a million hearts without having to move a single muscle. So when he created this little moment of pure sweetness, it was UWU for days for a lot of his fans.


At a recent fan meet and greet, Ong Seong Wu came across a strange little request from his fan. This female fan held out her fists to his face. She wanted Ong Seong Wu to help her turn them into a heart balloon!


While Ong Seong Wu was a bit confused at first, he soon picked up on her directions to blow into her fists like he would a balloon. Without questioning her intentions, Ong Seong Wu immediately became focused on helping her make the heart balloon.


Ong Seong Wu gently held on to the fan’s wrists and blew like he was blowing a balloon. Fans can’t help but notice how fluffy Ong Seong Wu’s cheeks have turned from doing this! Ong Seong Wu gave the fan’s fists a good few puffs…


… and with that, the fan opened her fists up into a heart shape – showing Ong Seong Wu how much she loves him!


When Ong Seong Woo realized what he had accomplished, he gave the fan his biggest, sweetest smile – and everyone is falling back in love with Ong Seong Wu all over again. This most adorable little interaction between him and the fan is making the fans UWU so hard for Ong Seong Wu!


Ong Seong Wu’s smile is well known to be contagious. Fans can’t wait to see more of him when he finally does make his return to both singing and acting!

Source: Nate Pann

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