IOI Chaeyeon’s “revealing” outfit leaves fans speechless

Chaeyeon can make any outfit look sexy, including this cutesy off-shoulder top.

Chaeyeon has worked really hard to make her body look perfect as part of her job as an idol. Though there have been some mixed responses regarding the nature of her diet, there’s no doubt that she always looks amazing.

Despite I.O.I. promotions comes to an end soon, Chaeyeon’s fans need not worry about seeing her. Her promotions with DIA haven’t skipped a beat and she jumped back into the group effortlessly.

The cutest Mr.Potter choreo suspenders.
DIA’s song Mr.Potter features cute suspenders for its choreography

Her shoulders look like they were made for this top
Her shoulders look like they were made for this top

Even with her hair covering her up you can see just how chic she makes this overall cute outfit look.
Like a princess from a fairy tale.

He clavicle makes an awe worthy appearance.
Gazing off into the distance.

Chaeyeon's flawless skin looks beautiful in this off-shoulder top
What’s that on her hand though?

Plus her gaze just oozes confidence
Her gaze just oozes confidence

Check out a fancam of Chaeyeon performing in the cute outfit: