Fans Are Enraptured By Red Velvet Irene’s Duality In “Actress” Styling vs. “Idol” Styling

We demand her to be cast in a drama now.

Long-standing K-Pop fans would be aware of the ongoing debate between “actress vs. idol” and their beauty. However, many will acknowledge it boils down to the differences in vibes and styling as what is befitting an actress as compared to an idol. “Actress styling” mostly is more refined and subtle, while idols lean towards the flashier end given that they have to shine on stage and put up a great performance. A good explanation comes in this YouTube makeup comparison.

Here, beauty YouTuber KIMDAX demonstrates “actress makeup”, focusing on clear skin, clean eye makeup and little contouring.

The key points of idol makeup is done to fit the concept, such as bubbly or sexy, and often makes use of saturated blushes and glitter.

Red Velvet Irene‘s recent interview has been making rounds on social media for her ability to pull off a calmer and more elegant styling. In a simple black maxi dress and minimal accessories, her beauty really shines through.

| @ireneofbest/Twitter

Her black hair color is also one favored by fans as it makes her translucent complexion stand out more.

| @ireneofbest/Twitter

Her eye makeup was also kept minimal, with just subtle hints of brown and eyeliner.

| @ireneofbest/Twitter

We are a huge fan of her full, arched brows. Most idols go for straight brows as well, while actresses sport more natural frames.

| @dotori_914/Twitter

Her red lips add a good pop of color to the otherwise subtle look.

| @dotori_914/Twitter

One last gif for a good measure… She’s so gorgeous we can’t help it.

| @dotori_914/Twitter

What took fans for a ride was the very same week, Irene had done her stages for I&S‘s “Monster” promotions sporting the most idol-esque getup ever, including a full blonde wig. Dyed or bleached hair is one of the pinnacles of idol styling as compared to actress styling, as actresses almost always go for natural-looking hair colors unless the role specifically calls for it.

| @ireneofbest/Twitter

Over the top accessories such as her statement pearl earrings and the beret, along with color lenses and a full face of makeup just screams “idol”.

It seems that Reveluvs can’t get enough of Irene’s ethereal beauty as most of the comments acknowledge the visuals.

Some of the comments also compare her to Moon Jung Won, who is known is entertainer Lee Hwi Jae‘s wife. She runs her own YouTube vlog channel, Door Garden.

| Joongang Women’s

Irene can most certainly pull off any look she wants to, be it something more understated or something more extravagant. With her looks, even pajamas would look like a runway piece. Check out I&S’s latest performance video as they tease for “Naughty”.

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