Red Velvet’s Irene Has A Surprisingly Useful Hidden Talent

Are you this skilled?

Red Velvet‘s Irene is a woman of many talents, but this particular hands-on skill is incredibly useful for everyday tasks.


This petite beauty may be known for her doll-like statue…


…and slender frame…


…but Irene doesn’t let her small size prevent her from getting things done.


Irene’s dainty hands are able to hold an impressive number of objects at once.


She has been spotted holding one drink for each of her four members…


…and carrying five heavy grocery bags without any help!


A lot of the time, Irene doesn’t even seem to be aware of her cute habit.


For instance, during a concert, Irene held her mic and her lightstick in one hand even though most people would probably hold one object in each hand.


Fans love Irene’s quirk, but they also wonder how she manages to hold so many things without dropping them!


There’s no limit to what this smol goddess can do!

Red Velvet