Irene Showed Her True Character At Her Birthday Celebration

Irene showed her true self to her Luvies.

March 29th is officially Irene day and Luvies from all over celebrated her birthday today, with some incredibly lucky fans getting to see Irene herself at her personal celebration event.

Through speaking to Reveluvs on a personal level at the event, Irene proved that she is a genuine and caring leader. Her fans asked her various questions and her answers were all heartwarming.

For example, when asked what her favourite flavour of cake is, Irene told fans it was obviously red velvet cake.

Irene took some Polaroid pictures during the event to giveaway to fans, they asked her to post them on Instagram and she did. Irene is always looking out for her fans.

When asked what her favourite song is, Irene answered ‘Candy’ from Red Velvet’s ‘Ice Cream Cake’ EP. After fans asked her to sing the song, she happily obliged and the fans joined in.

Irene became so emotional that she started to cry while singing.

Irene was being rushed by her managers because of her tight schedule but after Reveluvs begged her not to leave, she decided to stay longer. This happened five times.

As she was leaving, Irene admitted that she missed her “kids”. She was referring to the rest of Red Velvet, she sees herself as a mother to the rest of the group.

As a humorous bonus to end the celebration, credits started to roll and each name was a variation of Irene’s name.

Planning: Irene
Song selection: Bae Joohyun
Director: Baephrodite
Investor: Baechu
Karaoke guest: Ending Fairy
Special guest: Ironing Fairy
Sponsor: Red Velvet

– Ending credits

Irene showed how much she cares for Reveluvs and her fellow group members at her birthday celebration and proved shy she is such a beloved leader.

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