“Itaewon Class” Actor Kim Dong Hee Hushes Past Criticism With His Chilling New Netflix Series

“This is the result of Kim Dong Hee selling his soul to the devil…”

As the envious Jang Geun Soo in the popular K-Drama Itaewon Class, actor Kim Dong Hee faced some viewer criticism for “lacking the charisma to be a villain character.”

In his new Netflix original series Extracurricular, however, Kim Dong Hee singlehandedly hushes these past complaints…

… with his most chilling portrayal of the moral-less, psychopathic, outsider teen character Oh Ji Soo.

The early-bingers are raving about Oh Ji Soo being the “best character of Kim Dong Hee’s career yet“…

… and are also strongly recommending this breathtaking rollercoaster of a show, about “A model high school student who’s steeped in a world of serious crime“.

  • “This must be the best role he has ever taken on in his entire acting career. I binged the whole thing in two days and I couldn’t snap out of it after watching the ending. Man, it’s like School 2020 but in extra-extra spicy mode.”
  • “You know… I really got to give it to him this time. His portrayal of that outsider high school kid is convincing AF.”
  • “I started watching this with zero expectations and ended up binging the entire season in one sitting. It’s a f*cking rollercoaster and everyone is amazing.”
  • “You have to see it to get what I’m saying, but this… This is the result of Kim Dong Hee selling his soul to the devil to become this character himself. He went full crazy. Well done, Kim Dong Hee!”
  • “It’s a good show. I think he really grasped the character this time. His acting is convincing too. I meant to watch only the first episode, but I sat through the whole season. Where did my time go?”

Here’s the official teaser to get you hooked:

Source: THEQOO