An Italian News Program Shows BTS While Talking About The Burning Sun Scandal

The program has since responded to worried fans.

Fans are outraged with Italian news program TG3 Mondo after they showed clips of BTS as they talked about the Burning Sun scandal.

During the show, the host claimed to be introducing the audience to the dark side of K-Pop before proceeding to talk about the Seungri scandal and the Burning Sun scandal, all while showing clips of BTS.

They also had a reporter from Seoul to speak on the issue, but it is unknown if he knew about the clips being used since he was speaking through a video call.

Fans have been urging people to email the news station to ask for apologies.

Fans sent numerous emails and Twitter direct messages to the news station, and finally got a reply thanks to an Italian fan. Below is a tweet that shows the original Italian message and its English translation.

TG3 Mondo states that there were various clips of generic images and those of the actual culprits, and the clips of BTS were just generic clips of K-Pop they used. They have since deleted the wrong photo and any online content on their website.

Source: The Qoo