ITZY’s 8th Music Show Win Means They’ve Smashed Even More Records

They are unstoppable!

ITZY may have just wrapped up their debut promotions but not before got they had their 8th music show win and set a few new records while they were at it!


Since ITZY made their debut, they’ve absolutely crushed it. Among their outstanding accomplishments, they’ve broken a 22-year-old record, achieved their very first win in record time, and now they’ve not only won for the 8th time they’ve got a few more records to claim as well.


First, this 8th win marked the third time ITZY won on Inkigayo which means they are officially triple crown winners!


Then if both of those accomplishments weren’t amazing enough, ITZY became the second group to ever take home a triple crown on Inkigayo at debut and the first girl group to ever do so!


But ITZY didn’t stop there! ITZY also became the fastest K-Pop girl group to achieve a triple crown on a music show. They accomplished the feat in 26 days beating out the previous record of 86 days held by 2NE1! On top of that, this win made them become the third most awarded K-Pop group at debut!


Fans have been sending lots of love and a big congratulations to them for their these amazing feats as well as all the others ITZY has accomplished since debut!


Congratulations to ITZY once again for all their amazing achievements so far!