ITZY Just Broken A 22 Year Old Record With “Dalla Dalla”

A 23-day-old group just smashed a 22-year-old record:

It’s pretty clear that ITZY is on fire! Ever since ITZY debuted, they’ve dominated charts, smashed a few records,won their first music show in record time, and keep on winning them too! And they’ve done it once again by breaking a 22-year-old record!


On March 7, ITZY dazzled everyone with their performance of “Dalla Dalla” at M! Countdown and ended up taking home their 5th music show win that night!


The win itself was already exciting enough but it also marked something very special. With this fifth win, ITZY now holds the title of most wins for a girl group’s debut song. This win breaks the previous record of 4 debut music show wins set by S.E.S from 1997! So ITZY just broke a 22-year-old record!


ITZY fans are already celebrating and congratulating them for yet another impressive accomplishment.


Congratulations once again ITZY!