Here’s Why ITZY Always Release English Versions Of Their Title Tracks

What a wholesome reason!

ITZY has become known for their skills at bringing K-Pop to an English-speaking audience over the past year. The group has made a point of releasing an English version of all of their title tracks so their international MIDZYs might have a better chance at understanding their message.

ITZY during their “SWIPE” promotions | ITZY/Facebook

During an interview with Forbes, Lia explained why the group works so hard to include their English-speaking fans in all their releases.

ITZY during their “마.피.아. In The Morning” promotions | ITZY/Facebook

She began by acknowledging her international MIDZYs, saying, “we don’t only have fans in Korea. There are so many global fans who give so much attention, to us, for us.”

ITZY | ITZY/Facebook

She then shared that she understands that fans still love them even if they don’t understand the language, but this is ITZY’s way of giving back to their fans.

We are growing globally. I think it’s a big part of our growth and success. Lots of it is really thanks to all the fans all over the world. I know they still love us with Korean music, but it’s different hearing it in English. We wanted to help them understand our music more, because they don’t speak Korean.

–– Lia

ITZY during their “Wannabe” promotions | ITZY/Facebook

Lia added that “We want to get closer to them emotionally,” and that On the musical side, it’s because we want them to have a better understanding of our music.”

ITZY during their “Wannabe” promotions | ITZY/Facebook

She ended by explaining that the entire recording is meant as thanks to their international MIDZYs for their unwavering support.

On the other side, we really [want to] thank them for all the attention and love they gave us. So I guess that’s one of the ways to pay back the love and attention.


ITZY | ITZY/Facebook

This inclusion of English has brought ITZY much love. It has even allowed them to make appearances on American television broadcasts like The Kelly Clarkson Show hosted by “American Idol” Kelly Clarkson. At a later point in the interview, Lia revealed that this international reach is important to ITZY, saying, “Being musically successful in America is one of the ways how lots of people get to know our music.”

ITZY during their “ICY” promotions | ITZY/Facebook

We can’t wait to see how ITZY continues to expand their global reach over the coming years!

Source: Forbes