ITZY Attends TWICE’s Concert and Netizens Can’t Handle the Feels

TWICE and ITZY fans got served a whole meal with this interaction.

On March 30, ITZY tweeted a picture together with their senior group TWICE backstage at TWICE’s Tokyo Dome Tour.

In the tweet the ITZY members stated that they enjoyed every moment of TWICE’s touching stage, that they could learn a lot from their seniors, and that they hoped to, like TWICE, give amazing performances. They also thanked TWICE for giving them this great opportunity.

Netizens flooded the replies with love at seeing the 14 JYP girls all together.

ITZY is the first girl group to debut under JYP since TWICE in 2015, so they are TWICE’s very first girl group juniors. Oh, how time flies.

TWICE (left) and ITZY at their debut showcases, in 2015 and 2019 respectively.

Since they are the only girl groups under JYP, there’s bound to be comparisons, as well as friendly competition, but both groups respect each other and are very open about that! TWICE even posted a congratulatory and encouraging message on their instagram for ITZY’s debut.

Keep the love coming girls! And we look forward to seeing more interactions from OT14 in the future.