ITZY’s Chaeryeong Accidentally Shows Fans Her Embarrassing Lockscreen

It’s impossible to not love her! 🤣

ITZY‘s Chaeryeong is charming in every way — especially during her funny moments that show her quirky personality!

One time, during a livestream, a fan asked her what time it is. She looked down at her phone to check.

However, when she showed the camera the time, she didn’t realize she also revealed her hilarious lockscreen…

…a photo of her own abs!

When she realized what happened her expression made fans burst into laughter…

…and left Chaeryeong feeling a little awkward.

However, she quickly changed the subject and acted like nothing happened.

Hilariously, on another occasion, she showed her lockscreen again — without even realizing it!

Who can blame her for putting a photo of herself as her lockscreen when her abs look this good?!

Chaeryeong is totally fitness goals!

Check out the full hilarious moment below!