Confetti Cannons Couldn’t Faze ITZY’s Chaeryeong Once She’d Decided They Wouldn’t

The cannons didn’t stand a chance of startling Chaeryeong!

Sure confetti cannons can be great and create some pretty cool effects but sometimes they’re idols’ worst enemies. Besides the confetti pieces themselves, the blast from the cannons can cause some serious havoc too like giving a scare to the performing idols.

Having been a victim of the confetti cannon before, ITZY‘s Chaeryeong was determined to defeat her nemesis once and for all and did so with a little bit of preparation and a shower of confetti!

In a behind-the-scenes video from M! Countdown, ITZY revealed some stories from their “Not Shy” performance. Among the behind stories, there was one that not only excited everyone but made them super proud of Chaeryeong.

As the performance reached its climax, the members were curious to see if Chaeryeong had been startled by the air blast. Much to their happy surprise, the confetti hadn’t fazed her one bit!

Despite Chaeryeong and the cannon’s tumultuous past, this time she didn’t even blink when the confetti exploded!

So how did she defeat it once and for all? With a little bit of preparation! Knowing about the shot ahead of their stage, Chaeryeong asked when exactly it would go off so she could be absolutely prepared!

With a little bit of preparation that air cannon didn’t stand a chance of startling Chaeryeong! Check out Chaeryeong’s game plan for defeating her confetti nemesis and more below:


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