ITZY’s Chaeryeong Scared Them With Her Fall But Recovered Like A Total Professional

Even the other idols were concerned.

Some of the ITZY members get startled easily. Chaeryeong is one of those members and proved it with a fall that left the people around her just as startled.


On an episode of SBS‘s Inkigayo, ITZY took home the win with “WANNABE” but encountered a unique situation right before their acceptance speech.

As soon as they were announced as the winners, the sudden bursts of confetti completely took them all by surprise—especially Chaeryeong. Though she’d attempted to cover her ears, Chaeryeong immediately fell onto the floor. Yuna was just as surprised, almost falling as well.

Yeji and Lia were also caught off guard, the former covering her mouth while the latter covered her ears. Still, they were concerned for Chaeryeong, all of the members turning to check on her. The male idols behind them also showed concern for Chaeryeong.

Remaining a total professional despite the scare, Chaeryeong quickly picked herself up off the floor and moved back to her spot. Yuna even comforted her by linking their arms.

Thankfully, Chaeryeong didn’t get hurt and was only frightened by the confetti blasts. In fact, there were many other idols who were just as startled.

Even though they were prepared for the sound, it didn’t stop them from having a scare. See the moment here.