Girls’ Generation’s Yoona Left ITZY’s Chaeryeong In Tears Of Joy With The Perfect SONE Gift

Yoona’s gift moved Chaeryeong to tears:

ITZY‘s Chaeryeong is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, SONEs around. While she’s already had some adorable SONE interactions with Girls’ Generation members, Chaeryeong recently opened up about one of her interactions with Yoona and incredibly sweet gift Yoona gave to her!

In one of Chaeryeong’s recent Ryeong Night livestreams, Chaeryeong shared many interesting pieces of TMI news during her broadcast but there was one in particular that she was most excited to share with everyone!

While Chaeryeong revealed many interesting pieces of TMI news during her broadcast, there was one in particular, that she was most excited to share with everyone. After seeing a “Mr. Mr.” comment, Chaeryeong was instantly reminded about a moment that happened at the 2019 Gayo Daejejeon.

I really wanted to put it up on Instagram but I didn’t just in case it’s embarrassing. Can I say this? Honestly, on January 1… This is really, really, really TMI! I’ve told anyone this yet!

— Chaeryeong

As a huge SONE and a big fan of Yoona, Chaeryeong revealed that after the show was over she was incredibly excited she was able to greet Yoona who was acting as an MC for the event.

I really wanted to brag about this! As you know, I am a very big fan of Yoona. She was the host of the show and afterward I was able to say hi to her!

— Chaeryeong

While Chaeryeong was already incredibly happy just being able to say hi to Yoona, she revealed that things got even better from there! Yoona had come prepared with some gifts for ITZY including one gift, especially for Chaeryeong!

My heart felt like it was about to explode! She took out two albums to give to us. I thought I would have to ask my members a favor so I could have one. I was thinking like that, but one of the albums was ‘To Chaeryeong’!

— Chaeryeong

After revealing that she’d been given the best gift any SONE could ask for, Chaeryeong admitted that Yoona’s sweet gesture actually brought her to tears!

And so I… I cried on January 1!

— Chaeryeong

How sweet! Watch Chaeryeong relive her moment of pure SONE joy around the 15-minute mark below: