ITZY Chaeryeong’s Age When “U” Was Released Shook Heechul And Shindong To Their Core

They were left completely speechless:

ITZY‘s Chaeryeong thoroughly shook Super Junior‘s Heechul and Shindong when she revealed exactly how old she was when they released their hit song “U”.


On a recent episode of My Little Old Boy, Heechul, Shindong, and Lee Soo Geun met up with ITZY at JYP Entertainment to talk about Heechul and Lee Soo Geun’s SMTOWN collaboration and their music video which featured ITZY.


During their time there, however, Heechul and Shindong got a big surprise! After hearing when each of the members was born, Chaeryeong revealed that she was a big fan of Super Junior’s “U”.

I was a huge fan of the song ‘U’.

— Chaeryeong


Quickly remembering when their song was released, Heechul and Shindong were curious to learn just how old Chaeryeong was at the time.

‘U’ by Super Junior? How old were you back then?

— Heechul


When Chaeryeong revealed that in 2006 she was 6 at the time…

I was six!

— Chaeryeong


Well, Heechul and Shindong were shook!


Check out the cute moment for yourself below: