ITZY Never Left Chaeryeong’s Side As They Helped Her Overcome Her Fear Of Heights

When Chaeryeong was scared, ITZY was right there to comfort her:

For many people, seeing a city from up high is an exciting and fun prospect. For others, however, it’s an absolute nightmare and ITZY‘s Chaeryeong is definitely one of those people.

In the latest episode of Paris et ITZY, ITZY headed to the Parc André Citroën to take a ride on the park’s Ballon Generali, a giant tethered helium balloon that people can take to see a new view of the park. While most of ITZY were excited to ride in the balloon, Chaeryeong was already dreading the experience.

Stay with me Lia.

— Chaeryeong

As they stepped foot in the balloon’s unique basket, Chaeryeong was feeling a little shaky about the situation.

It’s shaky!

— Chaeryeong

As the balloon lifted off, Chaeyreong’s fears intensified and she couldn’t help crying out. No sooner had she cried out, however, when Lia was right by her side!

Chaeryeong: I’m so scared!

Lia: Stay still.

Guiding her quickly to sit, Lia and Ryujin immediately knelt down beside Chaeryeong to comfort her. As soon as Lia and Ryujin knelt down, Yeji and Yuna were right there too to support Chaeryeong and assure her everything was going to be okay.

Try sitting down, it’ll be better. Look at the inside, not the outside.

— Lia

With all the love and support from her members, soon Chaeryeong tried standing back up while Yeji and Yuna coached her on where she should focus her sight.

Try to just look at the sky. It’s less scary! Don’t look down, just look far ahead. No, no! Don’t look down!

— Yuna and Yeji

After Chaeryeong had overcome her fears and stood up, ITZY stayed right by her side to offer more comfort, love, and support.

It’s so pretty!

— Chaeryeong

With so much love from ITZY, Chaeryeong was soon able to smile without any fear at all!

All the love, support, and comfort ITZY gave to Chaeryeong helped her overcome her fears. Watch the heartfelt moment below: