ITZY Chaeryeong’s Reaction To Taeyeon’s Golden Disc Award Is Peak SONE Behavior

And we’re all for this kind of quality sunbae-hoobae love!

At the 34th Golden Disc Awards held January 4, 2020, Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon took home a Digital Bonsang for her song “Four Seasons” winning Best Digital Song of 2019.


While Taeyeon herself could not attend the ceremony, she delivered her acceptance speech via video. And fans caught ITZY‘s Chaeryeong watching this video with the utmost respect and love!

Hello, this is Taeyeon. Thank you for the Digital Bonsang. I appreciate everyone’s love for ‘Four Seasons’. And my fans, SONEs, thank you!

— Taeyeon


Throughout the whole speech, Chaeryeong had her hands drawn close to her heart — like Taeyeon’s accomplishment deeply inspired her. If this already isn’t peak SONE behavior…


… by the end of the speech, when Taeyeon thanks SONEs for the support, Chaeryeong proudly smiles and mouths the words, “I’m a SONE too!” to her teammates.


And both MIDZYs and SONEs are dropping all their UWUs for this most adorable sunbae-struck hoobae moment!


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Source: Twitter