ITZY’s Chaeryeong Took So Many Gorgeous Selcas One Radio Program Couldn’t Choose Just One To Upload

They were so beautiful, the program decided to share them all:

Whether on stage or off, ITZY‘s Chaeryeong is an absolute queen when it comes to snatching hearts and she stole plenty of them during ITZY’s recent radio program appearance. In fact, the staff fell for her so hard that they absolutely had to share each and every single selca that she took on the program!

A few days ago, ITZY guested on SBS Power FM‘s Park So Hyun’s Love Game where they dished on everything from their latest comeback to the dream vacations and top destinations to film their next reality show.

After the show, Love Game shared plenty of pictures ITZY from their appearance on Instagram including some of the selcas the members had taken.

While Lia, Yuna, Yeji, and Ryujin had snapped a few photos for the program to upload, Chaeryeong decided to capture ten different selcas making things extremely difficult for the staff to choose just a couple to upload!

With all those super cute and sweet photos making the choice way to hard, well, Love Game decided not to choose at all!

Instead, they uploaded all ten photos because they simply couldn’t pick one!

Chaeryeong took a lot of selcas and honestly, I couldn’t pick just one. It was so hard to find a B-cut photo that I packed in 10 selcas of Chaeryeong.

And considering just how sweet, gorgeous, and charming Chaeryeong is in each and every one of the selcas, it’s really not hard to see why Love Program couldn’t pick just two or three to upload!