ITZY’s Chaeryeong Had Trouble Skateboarding But It Didn’t Matter Thanks To Her Genius Plan

She came up with the perfect plan:

ITZY‘s Chaeryeong isn’t just the queen of many talents, she’s also an ace of adaptability. If she encounters anything that gives her any kind of trouble, she’ll find a way to work with it or work around it to overcome the problem which is exactly what happened when she ran into some problems skateboarding.

Wanting to have a little extra fun when they hit Venice Beach in the latest episode of IT’z Tourbook in USA, Yuna, Ryujin, and Chaeryeong decided to rent out a few skateboards.

Despite having had no prior skateboarding experience, they were excited to try it out for themselves and quickly set to work learning how to balance and move on the boards. Ryujin was the first to try it out and with a little help she was able to learn quickly.

Next up, Yuna gave things a go and was able to quickly master getting the right balance too!

Chaeryeong, however, quickly ran into a few obstacles when it was her turn to try skateboarding. The first problem? Seagulls. Just as Chaeryeong was about to step onto the board, a flock of seagulls came out of nowhere to ruin the fun.

When they finally left, Chaeryeong was finally able to test out the skateboard but, again, things didn’t go quite as expected. With the wobbly board giving Chaeryeong a little bit of trouble…

She came up with a genius way to still get a shot of her skateboarding without actually moving! Instead of worrying about the board, Chaeryeong instructed Ryujin to focus on her face so that no one could tell if she was on the board or not.

Focus on my face so that fans can’t tell if I’m on the board or not.

— Chaeryeong

While the plot twist was that Chaeryeong was actually on the board just not moving, her solution proved that there’s absolutely no problem that Chaeryeong can’t adapt to and overcome even pesky skateboarding problems! Watch Chaeryeong hatch her genius plan below: