ITZY’s Chaeryeong Went Savage With The Softest Voice And The Whole World Is Loving It

Chaeryeong’s savage moment is going insanely viral:

During ITZY’s guest appearance on Knowing Bros, Chaeryeong treated MIDZY with a hint of her savageness.

While fans were incredibly excited about the episode, there was one particular moment from the episode that really caught everyone’s attention.

In this particular clip, Chaeryeong tells the Knowing Brothers that she is going to show them a dance…

I’m going to show you my dance.

— Chaeryeong

But when they burst out into laughter at her cute demeanor, Chaeryeong lets loose her savage side in the softest voice!

You’re laughing?

— Chaeryeong

Although the clip is only 6 seconds long, it quickly went viral with over 560,000 views and counting!

Who knew someone could be so savage and so soft at the same time! But fans are absolutely loving it…

And so will you! Check out the full clip in the Knowing Brothers preview below: