ITZY Dish On Who Texts The Most In The Group Chat, And It’s Not Who You Expect

“You just throw something in and there’s no answer.”

The ITZY members all have amazing chemistry together, which is evident in their sibling-like bond. Yet, there is someone who makes an appearance in the group chat far more often than the others, and it’s not who you’d expect!

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ITZY recently sat down to talk with Seventeen magazine. They spilled on everything from how they’d describe their friendship (which they did most wholesomely)…

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…to who is the best cook in the group. Naturally, they were also called on to expose a little about each other, which they seemed happy to do.

The members were asked who in the group texts the most. As soon as Ryujin read out the question, Chaeryeong instantly replied, with absolutely zero hesitation, “Our manager.”

The members all burst out laughing, and Yeji enthusiastically agreed, “Yeah, that’s it!” Yet, while the members agreed that the manager is the biggest texter, Lia and Yeji also admitted to being guilty of excessive texting.

Ryujin explained that Yeji always reacts to everything that’s sent on the group chat, often making cute comments.

Lia, on the other hand, was hilariously exposed as the person who always sends random things. Yuna even poked fun at her saying that she often sends things without ever receiving a reply from the others.

Of course, Yeji had to have the most adorable explanation for her constant texting. She explained herself by saying, “I love conversation,” causing her members to gush over how cute she is.

Chaeryeong, however, couldn’t resist teasing her a little. She imitated Ryujin’s tone and said, “So sad,” making the members burst out laughing once again.

ITZY’s dynamic truly is special, and it’s great to see that they all appreciate each other even when it comes to their excessive texting!

Watch the full clip on the link below.

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