ITZY Break Down What They’d Do In A Zombie Apocalypse, And It Reflects Their Personalities

Chaeryeong’s answer is hilarious!

With the popularity of zombie K-Dramas like All Of Us Are Dead on the rise, many people have stopped to wonder what they would do if they found themselves in the same situation. And the members of K-Pop girl group ITZY are no exception!

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In a past episode of Weekly Idol, the girls and their fans, MIDZY, described what they would be like if there were a zombie apocalypse. Check out their guesses below.


First up was Ryujin, and her members had two opposing answers for her. They believe she would either use her brain well and come up with great plans, or she’d get so scared that she would “try something rash and die.”

  • Yeji: Ryujin would use her noggin really well.
  • Yuna: She gets scared easily. Isn’t that right?
  • Ryujin: I think I’d survive because I get scared easily.
  • Lia: I actually think you’d try something rash and die.
  • Chaeryeong: That’s right, there’s a good balance.
  • Lia: She’s well-balanced. [She] might get impatient and run out and get caught like that.
  • Yeji: But when she’s determined to die, she’d be like, “Just hurry up and bite me.”


Pointing to herself, Lia explained that she’s the type of person who would lay low instead of fight the zombies.

I don’t think I’d survive by going out and fighting. I’d somehow find a way to stay quiet, stay still, and hide somewhere like this. I’d wait until everyone else is dead.

— Lia


ITZY fans took a guess at how Yuna would act in an apocalypse. Noting her sociable personality, they said she’d try to befriend the zombies. Yuna playfully claimed she would avoid confrontation by leading them to another person.

  • MIDZY: Our talented Yuna would befriend the zombies and survive without getting attacked.
  • Yuna: I know what they mean by that. “Look at that person over there. Hey, look over there.”


Next, Chaeryeong would be so intimidating, the zombies would be scared of her instead of the other way around! If she were to get bitten, Chaeryeong would stare them down and coldly say, “Did you just bite?

  • MIDZY: Even when zombies follow her, she’d say to the zombies, “How dare you?” She would intimidate them and survive until the end.
  • Chaeryeong:Did you just bite?


Last but not the least, MIDZY believes that Yeji would survive until the end because of her great instincts. She would do her absolute best to live.

Yeji herself said that in a zombie apocalypse, she would survive until the end. Although she looks so gentle like a cat, her survival instinct is top-notch like that of a tiger.


Afterwards, the members agreed that each description matches their personalities perfectly! Catch more of ITZY in the full episode below.

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