Even ITZY Are Excited To Find Out The Official Fandom Name

ITZY have a few favorite fandom names already:

Ever since ITZY was first introduced to the world, fans have been trying to guess what their fandom name will be. While fans have come up with plenty of creative options themselves, even ITZY have thought about their fandom name and are extremely excited to know what it’s going to be.


During an episode of M! Countdown Backstage, we got to see a whole lot of ITZY. While they showed off their excellent English and discussed having mukbangs together, one thing that caught a lot of attention was their discussion about their official fandom name!


When the M! Countdown staff asked Yeji and Ryujin about the fandom name, they revealed they hadn’t decided yet because they like quite a few different names. The first name they fell for was “UPZY.” This combination of “up” and “ITZY” has the meaning that fans will take ITZY higher!


Another name they really liked was “In Us,” taken from their greeting “all in us.”


But Yeji revealed that her absolute favorite was “ITzU,” a play on the words “it’s you!”


Fans are in love with all three of the possibilities as well and hope that one of these will become the new fandom name.


And now that ITZY themselves have revealed some of their favorites, maybe one of these will become the official fandom name! Hopefully, we’ll find out soon!