Fan Asks K-Pop Hairstylist If She Tries Experimental Hairstyles On Herself First—Here’s The Truth

She is responsible for ITZY’s “headband” hair.

K-Pop fans are all too familiar with the unique hairstyles that idols have rocked in the past, including rainbow…


…and dual-toned hair.

ITZY’s Yeji | JYP Entertainment

Recently, Ryu Ji, the creator of ITZY‘s “headband” hairstyle, sat down for an interview with YouTube channel AYO where she answered questions from K-Pop fans.

Hairstylist Ryu Ji (left) and makeup artist Jo Sun (right)
ITZY’s Ryujin with “headband” hair | JYP Entertainment

A curious fan asked if they personally try the experimental hairstyles first before applying it to idols.

My bias is the subject of experiments for new hairstyles and makeup. I wonder if stylists would do the same with their own hair and makeup, for real.

— K-netizen

According to Ryu Ji, they do try the styles on themselves first.

Yes, we do try them on ourselves.

— Ryu Ji

In fact, she even came to the interview with the very hairstyle on!

The hairstyles may seem too extreme at times, but they simply want their client to stand out.

These hairstyles all came from ‘I want my child to stand out.’

— Ryu Ji

The also took the time to name the one idol they admire for being able to pull off any look they give her—ITZY’s Yeji!  See what they had to say about her here:

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Source: YouTube