What Happens Behind The Scenes? ITZY And KARA Show Fans The Filming Process Of Their K-Pop Dance Challenge Collaboration

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ITZY and KARA just had an unexpected crossover in SBS‘s Inkigayo!

Because the two girl groups are from different generations and companies—the former from JYP Entertainment and the latter signed with RBW—the odds of them meeting were slim. It was meant to be that KARA’s “WHEN I MOVE” 15th year anniversary release and ITZY’s “CHESHIRE” comeback overlapped.

In the seventh episode of the “CHESHIRE” video series, the younger group’s first meeting with the senior K-Pop idols was recorded for all fans to see. Of course, they started by greeting them with a bow and gifting their album.

As is the trend nowadays, they followed their introductions with a quick collaboration. Several of the members filmed short form videos for TikTok and similar social media sites where they both danced to each other’s songs. Nicole and Seungyeon taught Yeji and Yuna the chorus of their title track, showing just how quickly they memorized the moves.

The senior idols also did not disappoint. They quickly picked up the steps to ITZY’s “CHESHIRE.”

This is the point, right?

— Nicole

Another common question about these viral dance challenges was answered: the idols film the videos themselves. Yeji and Yuna couldn’t help but giggle when KARA’s maknae Youngji zoomed in closer to their faces before stepping back for a wide shot.

Later on, it was Chaeryeong who became the camera director for the video featuring Nicole and Seungyeon. She took her job seriously as she had a focused expression while playing around with the camera features.

The girls made sure to check the footage and did not hold back with their praise.

That was totally in sync!

— Yeji

After confirming that the shots were good, they said their goodbyes to each other. ITZY looked visibly starstruck, with Yeji even holding out a heart-shaped hand to the camera.


Check out their full covers below!


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♬ Cheshire – ITZY


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