ITZY’s Lia Met Her Look-Alike Alpacas, And The Resemblance Was Hilariously Uncanny

We see their similarities!

ITZY was in for a surprise in the second season of “Codename Secret ITZY.” The day wasn’t over after they made their unique artworks and played a revised game of tag.


In episodes three and four, they split into two teams, with Chaeryeong and Yuna showing off their driving skills with Go Kart while Lia, Yeji, and Ryujin headed to a field.

ITZY’s Yuna 

It turns out that the latter team met some very cute animals—alpacas! The furry creatures immediately received their praise.

Oh, they’re so cute!

— Yeji

Ryujin and Yeji immediately noticed something very interesting: Lia looked just like the alpacas! As soon as they passed by the photos of the adorable animals, they wanted to see just how similar their fellow member was to them.

Lia, stand there!

— Yeji

Yeji, Ryujin, and Lia 

As soon as Lia followed through, Ryujin joked, “Lia, when did you take six selfies?” Yeji agreed, “Hey, you look so alike!”

But what exactly makes them so similar? According to Ryujin, they both exude the same air of innocence.

Your eyes, you’ve got the same eyes.

— Ryujin

The task that the trio had to accomplish was to find their assigned alpaca and take a photo with them. Lia’s very own buddy was a fluffy white alpaca named Oneul, and they had an uncanny resemblance.

People say I look like an alpaca.

— Lia

Lia completed the mission first, spotting Onuel even if he had shorter hair. They snapped a quick selfie and showed off just how cute they both are!

Lia met her unexpected twin!

Source: YouTube