ITZY’s Lia Faces The “Lazy Dancer” Criticism Again, After Her “Idol Radio” Appearance

“She needs practice, that’s a fact.”

Back in 2019, when M2 shared ITZY‘s Relay Dance video to “Dalla Dalla” taken at the 2019 KCON Thailand, member Lia received some online criticism for “being a lazy dancer“. K-Pop fans commented that she “never wants to dance” and “doesn’t even try”. Such online opinions fueled ITZY fans to come to Lia’s defense though — and over time, the criticism died down.

Then, on March 12, 2020, ITZY graced Idol Radio with an awesome in-studio dance performance to their newest bop, “WANNABE”. The members, dressed to impress in their black and white color coordination, looked gorgeous AF as they carried out the choreography.

Unfortunately, the video uploaded on YouTube stirred up some netizens to nit-pick at Lia’s moves again. These haters commented, “Lia is being a slug again, with her movements only half way done.” According to their analysis, Lia didn’t “use her shoulders” in this move:

She also reportedly continues to “mess up the arm details”, like in this part:

And in this part:

These netizens are convinced that Lia has been constantly “slacking” on putting in the full effort while dancing — and that ITZY’s other videos, like the dance practice videos, capture these moments too.

This is the same move as the one she missed on Idol Radio. I think she maybe has this part of the choreography learned incorrectly from the start.

— Netizen

When the criticism circulated online, K-Pop fans found themselves split. Some agreed that Lia does need to work on honing her skills, “to remain an integral part of the team”…

  • “The OP isn’t trying to start shit by sharing this. Lia is slacking on her moves in those GIFs. You can’t call this ‘hating on Lia’, lmao. It’s Lia’s job to show her best side. She needs practice, that’s a fact.”
  • “Honestly, that first GIF, she’s not even trying. Lol. But I’ve seen her do the shoulders correctly on the showcase stage and in other performances. So maybe she’s slacking because this isn’t an actual music program? Which is ridiculous, because she’s still a rookie. Can’t stop comparing her to the rest of the team, you know?”
  • “Lia really needs to practice more… And if she knew how to sing, her subpar dance skills would not be such a huge deal. But, she doesn’t know how to sing either… So she needs to really put in some effort to improve her dancing. Only so she won’t find herself in these criticisms again.”

… while others supported Lia for trying her best nonetheless and carrying on with her life.

  • “So maybe she did miss a few moves. Is there a need to nit pick everything down to every nano second of the performance?  It’s not like her small mistakes ruin the whole choreography for the team either. This has never been an issue for any other groups.”
  • “It’s not like her dance moves are so bad that it stands out — like that one time with that one boy group. I don’t see anything that would bother me in this entire choreography. I don’t understand people who make these overly-analytical GIFs… She’s always trying her best.”
  • “What is the reason to be picking on her to this extent? I mean, I’m looking at the dance and it doesn’t bother me a single bit.”

Watch the full performance here:

Source: Nate Pann