A Fan Randomly Met ITZY’s Lia While At Work… And Their Reaction Is Relatable AF

Lia remembered this incident!

A fan meeting one of their favorite K-Pop idols can be a nerve-wracking experience, and this was the case for a fan who met ITZY‘s Lia!

ITZY’s Lia

During ITZY’s guest appearance in Cultwo Show, a fan sent a message talking about how they met Lia while working at a cafe. This fan was so nervous that they forgot to add sugar syrup to Lia’s drink.

| Heartyheart/YouTube

Lia ended up coming back due to her drink not being sweet, and this fan’s heart got shook a second time! This fan concluded their message by telling Lia that they loved her, and Lia smiled.

| Heartyheart/YouTube

Lia then explained that she drank her drink outside the shop and noticed that it wasn’t as sweet as she asked. Lia went back inside and politely asked if she could get her drink to be a little sweeter.

| Heartyheart/YouTube

Lia remembered this incident since it happened only a few days ago, and she asked this fan if they were having a good day.

| Heartyheart/YouTube

Here’s the full video below!


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