ITZY’s Lia Got Her Front Teeth “Knocked out” by a Piece of Confetti on Stage

The mishap made Lia look even more lovable than before.

ITZY recently performed their new song, “WANNABE” on MBC’s Show Champion where Lia made fans absolutely obsessed with her due to a stage mishap involving confetti.


As always, ITZY showed off perfect choreography with their flawless dance moves.

Not only did they pull of bold outfits, but they also showed off their powerful charisma and sexy charms.

But what fans didn’t expect was what happened during the ending pose.

At the end of the song, Yeji, Ryujin, and Lia posed on their knees while the other 2 members remained standing up.

Lia struck her pose and flashed a bright smile for the camera.

But a piece of confetti flew onto her front teeth making it look like she lost her teeth.

Lia tried to blow it off, but the stubborn piece of confetti wouldn’t cooperate.

The adorable way Lia tried to deal with the mishap stirred up a much-needed laugh and gained her even more fans for her unpredictable charms.

Check out ITZY’s full performance below:

Source: Insight