ITZY’s Lia Jumped Into Action When Ryujin Nearly Took A Tumble

Lia was quicker than you could blink.

During ITZY‘s Lia and Ryujin guest appearance on an episode of Amazing Saturday, a moment between the two had viewers loving how much the members look after each other.

Ryujin and Lia. | @ITZYofficial/Twitter

As they watched Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon perform “Happy”, Ryujin moved back to give their senior all the room she needed to put on a show.

In fact, Ryujin was so focused on the performance and fixing her outfit that she hadn’t noticed what was behind her.

Ryujin was startled as she tripped over Lia and began to brace herself for a fall. Instead, Lia immediately held onto Ryujin and kept her from falling over.

Despite avoiding an accident, the two remained professional. After Taeyeon threw flowers in the air to conclude her performance, Lia and Ryujin’s mouths both dropped open in amazement as they clapped.

No matter where they are—even if they’re in the middle of filming—ITZY always has each other’s backs.


Watch the sweet moment between Ryujin and Lia that eagle-eyed fans picked up on here.


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