ITZY’s Lia Reveals The Member She Thinks Is Most Like A Mafia

Who would you pick?

ITZY recently released more behind the scenes footage from the filming of their music video for “Mafia In The Morning.”

During the video, each member was asked several questions, which they had to retrieve using a small claw machine.

When it was Lia‘s turn, the question stayed true to the song’s concept and asked who she thought was the most mafia-like member.

After a few seconds to think about it, Lia picked Chaeryeong! She referred to the international tour the group did on VLive where they played the mafia game.

During the game, it seemed like Chaeryeong actions were something that has stuck in Lia’s mind.

Ever since Chaeryeong betrayed me then, I’ve been like, ‘Wow, people can be so scary.’ There’s nobody I can trust.

— Lia

It seemed like, since that day, it changed Lia’s view on Chaeryeong, making her seem more like a mafia member than an ITZY member.

With a new piece of TMI revealed, Lia then gave some advice to fans joking, “Don’t trust her, guys.”

After still remembering what Chaeryeong did all that time ago, it is probably best not to get on the wrong side of Lia from now on!

You can watch the whole video below.