ITZY Were Ready To Leave Lia Behind The Moment They Spotted Some Snacks

Snacks always come first:

Who can resist a tasty snack? Not ITZY! When ITZY found a vending machine selling all sorts of French goodies in the latest episode of Paris et ITZY, the pull of those snacks was so strong they even left Lia behind!


With Lia leading the way, ITZY headed straight for the counter to check-in when they reached their hotel in Paris. Well, everyone except Yuna that is! As soon as Yuna stepped in the door, she spotted a vending machine and couldn’t resist checking it out!

Look! There’s a vending machine!

— Yuna


While Yuna rejoined her members after Lia called her over, her discovery was definitely not forgotten! As Lia began the check-in process, the rest of the members’ curiosity over the vending machine began to grow. Yeji especially could hardly wait to check out what the machine held.

There’s a vending machine. I’d like to get a snack from it. I’d love to eat it while I’m coming up.

— Yeji


With thoughts of snacks running through their minds, ITZY quickly realized that only one person really needed to fill out the forms. And pretty soon Yeji, Yuna, Ryujin, and Chaeryeong were leaving Lia behind to go take a peek at all the delicious offerings the machine held!

Anyway, Lia can fill out the form.

— Ryujin


When Lia realized they really had left her behind, she couldn’t help laughing over the situation!

They’re all gone!

— Lia


After taking a quick look at the machine, Chaeryeong and Ryujin decided to rejoin Lia so she wouldn’t get lonely!


Meanwhile, Yuna and Yeji were still 100% focused on all those tasty treats! And by the time the check-in was complete, they were ready to surprise Lia with some of their snack picks!


Well, snacks are pretty irresistible! Watch ITZY’s adventures in Paris as well as their snack focus in the video below: