ITZY Lia’s Sincere Words Caused Chaeryeong To Burst Into Tears

And Lia cried because of Chaeryeong.

ITZY appeared on Weekly Idol, where the members were each introduced with their own unique characteristics. For Chaeryeong, it was her inability to handle heartfelt compliments.

When the hosts complimented her, she seemed to take it in stride with humility. When the hosts asked her why she wasn’t affected, she explained that the compliments didn’t feel heartfelt.

So Lia got up to compliment her younger member. Chaeryeong claimed that it would be easy since Lia compliments her often but she couldn’t look Lia in the eyes!

Lia then gently caressed Chaeryeong’s face as she praised, “You are a very special child. Our Chaeryeong is so lovely.

And Chaeryeong immediately started to tear up from Lia’s honest compliments! The members were all shocked by her tears!

Soon after seeing Chaeryeong cry, Lia burst into tears as well!

And then seeing Lia cry, Chaeryeong began to cry even harder!

The set soon became a tear-fest as the other members got teary-eyed as well!

When the host asked why Chaeryeong cried, she claimed, “I felt sad… We often share our concerns with each other. Yes, [I felt the sincerity behind her compliments].

The love between the girls is so strong that anyone could clearly tell they share a bond that’s become very special in hearts throughout their years together!