ITZY’s Lia Reveals Where She’d Spend An Entire Day—If She Wouldn’t Get Spotted As An Idol

If no one would recognize her, there’s one place she wishes to go.

Since idols are watched closely and require security often, there are many things they can’t do like the average person. If ITZY‘s Lia could spend a day without worrying about being spotted as an idol, here’s how she’d spend it.

During an interview with NME, the British magazine asked how Lia would spend one day if she had anonymity.

Lia remembered something she was never able to do as a child, “I’ve always thought of this before, that there are water parks in Korea. I never really went to water parks a lot when I was young.

Since ITZY generates crowds just from heading to the airport, Lia wondered if she’d ever bee able to go there.

She added, “And then after debut, I always thought, ‘Will I ever get the chance to go play at the waterpark—like with my friends or like my members—since there are lots of people there? Lots of students.’


Out of all the places and things she could’ve chosen, Lia wanted to fulfill that wish. She said, “I would love to go to the water park.

If a water park is looking for new brand ambassadors in the future, ITZY would be perfect. Lia would get to work and play.

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Source: NME