ITZY’s Lia Revealed The Thing She Can’t Stand, But Yeji Didn’t Agree With Her Answer

Yeji shared some of the things that Lia can’t stand!

In ITZY‘s recent guest appearance in Big Picture, Lia revealed the thing she can’t stand, but Yeji didn’t exactly agree with her!

ITZY’s Lia
ITZY’s Yeji

Lia is the “peacemaker of ITZY,” and she was asked to share the thing that she can’t stand.

| Arcade Pang/YouTube

Lia pondered for a bit and shared that she can’t stand those who try to “break the peace.”

| Arcade Pang/YouTube

After giving her answer, Lia smiled a bit, and Yeji said that Lia’s answer was a lie and that the thing Lia actually can’t stand is hunger!

| Arcade Pang/YouTube

Yeji also shared that Lia hates it when she runs out of time, and coincidentally, Lia’s time to draw ended after Yeji said this!

| Arcade Pang/YouTube

Here’s the full video below!


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