ITZY’s Lia Could Only Count On Yeji To Not Scare Her During The Mystery Box Challenge

Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yuna tried their hardest to freak Lia out:

The mystery box challenge is already scary enough as it is, after all, only those with nerves of steel would be able to stick their hand straight into the unknown. But ITZY decided to add another level of scare tactics to their game, and Lia proved to be the perfect target.

ITZY sat down with Young Hollywood to try their hand at the mystery box game. From the very first round of the game, Ryujin was already up to a few tricks first teasing Yuna

Before trying to get Chaeryeong too!

After Ryujin took her turn, it was Lia’s time to shine and in the beginning, she was all confidence.

That confidence, however, was soon put to the test as Ryujin began her teasing. And this time she wasn’t the only member to do so, Yuna and Chaeryeong were quick to let Lia know that what was in the box was something absolutely terrifying! As their words began to shake Lia’s confidence, Yeji gave Lia an extra boost by holding her hand to reassure her everything was a-okay.

Chaeryeong: I’m serious… Be careful!

Ryujin: I think she can’t touch this. Yes, she is scared of this.

Yuna: It’s moving! It’s moving unnie!

With Yeji’s reassurance, Lia was able to cautiously put her hand in the box…

And quickly realized that Yeji really was the only one she could count on to not scare her as she pulled out the “scary” item — a headband!

Well, what mystery box game would be complete without a few extra scare tactics. At least Lia knows at least one of her members won’t try that!