ITZY’s Lia and Yuna Once Encountered Freezing Weather But Their Reactions Were Hilariously Different

“Not cold, not me”

ITZY recently put out the behind-the-scenes for their Maybelline New York commercial and their energy off screen is just as fierce as it is on screen.

| Maybelline PH/YouTube 

ITZY was announced as the global spokesmodels for Maybelline New York in April of 2021.

| @maybelline/Instagram

While the commercial premiered around the same time, we can assume it was shot in the colder months of February or March based on Lia and Yuna‘s reaction when going outside.

| Maybelline PH/YouTube 

While waiting for their solo shots, Lia invited Yuna to join her on an adventure for a strawberry latte. Yuna, already filming her own behind-the-scenes footage, brought her camera and joined Lia on the quest for a warm beverage.

“Let’s go get a strawberry latte.” | ITZY/YouTube 

On the way, Yuna showed off her film knowledge, even moving Lia out of a certain position to avoid backlighting.

“Oh, you’re getting backlight!” | ITZY/YouTube 

Once outside, the energy changed. While Lia remained enthusiastic, Yuna began to visibly shiver.

“…I shared with you guys, I gave you guys…” | ITZY/YouTube 

In the middle of Lia’s story of her trainee days, Yuna couldn’t take the cold anymore and made a run for the studio.

“It’s so cold, I’m going!” | ITZY/YouTube 

Hilariously, Lia remained unphased by the disappearance of her partner and even asked the camera person what drink she should get.

“This is hard, should I have the strawberry latte or hot chocolate?” | ITZY/YouTube 

Lia did show a bit of a chill when the winds picked up while waiting in line.

| ITZY/YouTube 

However, it appears as if Lia’s Canadian side won out as she not only braved the cold but decided to get an iced beverage as well.

(Got iced chocolate at the end) | ITZY/YouTube 

Lia and Yuna definitely have wildly different reactions to cold weather. No matter the temperature, their friendship always warms our hearts. To see more of ITZY’s behind-the-scenes with Maybelline New York check out the video below!

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